The Best Method For Hair Transplantation

Hair transplants have come a long way. Most of the methods are very advanced outpatient procedures that result to impressive and natural looking hair. When a FUE hair transplant is done perfectly, it is impossible to tell when one has had it, because it looks so natural.

A Skilled Professional

The results are often determined by the skill and experience of the doctor carrying it out, but in some cases, it is usually the method of hair transplant that determines the impressive results. To generally avoid mistakes happening in your procedure, you and your doctor have to discuss all the methods available. In the end, choose a hair transplant clinic that really offers a procedure that you want and is capable of actually delivering good results.

A Well Equipped Clinic

For a clinic to provide the best quality transplant services, it has to have well trained professional staff, along with the latest equipment to carry out the procedures. With good staff and the latest equipment, the clinic is able to give its patients the natural-look and fullness that they seek for their hair. The clinic staff should also be well versed with the current methods of hair transplants and know the best one for their patients.

Which Method Is Best ?

Currently, the best method for a hair transplant is the optimal follicular unit procedure. This method offers the patient very natural results, because it allows the hair to naturally grow after the transplant. This method is the state of the art way of getting a transplant and it is actually very costly. The results however, are worth every dollar especially when they are done by a skilled professional.

Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrows are very important to the face. They help us express our emotions more clearly and help us get our points across better. During the past few years the obsession with the appearance of eyebrows has become a trend. Many go to appointments to have them plucked in weird shapes or fashions or shaved off all together and drawn in. Some have opted for even more drastic measures, a complete eyebrow transplant. Why would anyone need an eyebrow transplant, you ask? There are plenty of justified reasons for people to consider having the procedure done.

Some people may end up over plucking their eyebrows and greatly increasing the time it takes for the hair to grow back. Over plucking or grooming might not permanently damage them but it will still make it difficult for your hairs to restore themselves. Another reason some people might consider an eyebrow transplant is because they suffer from hyperthyroidism. This condition can cause hair loss everywhere, especially on the eyebrows. Moreover, if you lose hair from complications with your thyroid, it’s not set in stone that you’ll regain it back. Burns or injuries might be another factor in making the decision to receive a transplant. Hair follicles can sometimes be permanently damaged and regrowth might be slowed or even stunted.

The transplant can be time consuming and delicate because everyone has a different face. About 300 hairs are strategically placed in the eyebrow area and are shaped in the right directions. After a week or two the transplanted hair begins to fall out so the natural hair will be able to grow back in a few months or so. In a typical procedure, the doctor gathers hair from the back of the head and places it carefully in order to create the brow. The average price of an eyebrow transplant is about $3000, and only takes about a week to fully recover from. You might experience some redness or crusting of the area, but this can easily be fixed by a little concealer or foundation.

If you are considering getting this procedure done, you should make sure to take great care to consider whether your situation or condition is really that serious. If your hair loss isn’t that serious there’s always brow pencils, and a little brushing and forming can go a long way to give the illusion of having full brows. Many stores offer growth serums for brows and lashes that can be effective given enough time. $3000 isn’t exactly chump change either. There’s no need to randomly throw away money for a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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